A market reserved for expert investors, investing in off-plan properties offers unique opportunities to  acquire the best units (layout, floor, view, orientation, etc.) at a price significantly lower than after project completion.

Find here our updated selection of new projects (condominiums, houses and holiday villas).


Off-plan investments are reserved for investors well-aware of the risks involved and familiar with the Thai property market. It is critical to study the market thoroughly and particularly the background of the developer. Investors must be prepared for delays in the completion and bad surprises in the quatily of construction and finishing.

Some investors use the opportunity of the small deposit requested by developers (usually 10% of the whole purchase cost) as an "option to buy" and intend to resell the deposit before the actual transfer of the property. When it works, these risk-seeking investors achieve very high leverages on a short period of time (limited to the construction period i.e. 2 to 4 years). However, ill-advised investors may also lose their investment in full if they don't manage to cede the deposit before the completion and transfer date of their unit, and don't have the capacity to actually purchase the property.

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