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“Peace of Mind Service”

Owning one or several properties can quickly become a real burden if the right management is not put in place. This is why SPG has implemented the “Peace of Mind Service”. This allows our clients to own properties “free of worries”. In other words, our team proposes a broad range of services that can be tailor-made for each property owner.

Our priority is to help owners and landlords increase the value of their assets. We believe that our proven management skills can fit what is needed to achieve excellence in maintenance and overall management. Some of those services are free of costs. Other services are charged on a "cost plus basis".

Our services include the following:

  • Marketing & Promotion: we have access to a broad network of reputable agents that can help us rent, lease or resell your property.
  • Engineers & Architects: See our Section “Renovate Your Property”. Our team has access to prominent architects and engineers that have excellent references and that can cover all types of renovation jobs (big or small).
  • Accounting & Administration: SPG is happy to provide tips for anything related to admin and accounting matters. We can refer our clients to reputable accounting firms.
  • Cleaning & Housekeeping: This is also a service we can provide to our clients. It can be for short term or long term assignment.
  • Technicians & Contractors: most of the residences and condominiums in Thailand have their own technicians. However, it can happen that some issues cannot be fixed by those same technicians. One of the most common issue is related to Air Conditioning leaking or dysfunctioning. We have access to all sorts of technicians that can be sent to your place.
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