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Purchasing land in Thailand is not as simple as buying a unit in a condominium.

Thailand has always been very cautious regarding land ownership, and this is yet to evolve. After the “IMF crisis” hit the economy in 1997, the Government made an attempt to open the country’s borders to foreign land investors in order to favor investment and boost the economic growth, but the law has never been ratified by the Parliament.

However, there are ways for foreign investors to acquire land in Thailand, under specific conditions. We strongly recommend you to contact our team in order to discuss this further.

SPG advises you during the whole acquisition process:

  • Land identification: investment purpose (property development, personal use, agriculture, industrial, long term investment, etc ), budget, location.
  • Land price valuation: existing benchmarks and trends.
  • Negotiation process: we are the bridge between you and the landlord. We facilitate the negotiation and help you review technical aspects.
  • Due Diligence: from the verification of the land title deed till the transfer of ownership.
  • Ownership structure: It is not allowed for foreigners to directly own land in Thailand. Consequently, foreign buyers need to set up a Thai company that will proceed with the acquisition of the land, in which the foreign buyer can be the largest single shareholder (but with no more than 39%) and therefore hold the signing authority. Additional protection measures such as long term lease and loan agreements can also be structured.
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