Our Community

Our charity work


Sense Property believes that giving back is also part of a more global mission. This is why our partners decided to devote time and efforts in helping kids that have very little and sometimes left without parents

Our partners raise funds on a regular basis and accompany tours in order to support institutions that help improve the life of children.

We are indeed providing a continuous support to several foundations and orphanages. One of the foundations we like the most is called Gift of Happiness Foundation – gohappiness.org

Gift of Happiness Foundation dedicates most of its efforts in visiting schools and orphanages in remote areas where they distribute donations of all types (education books, clothes, food, toys) but more importantly where they organize shows with the help of a professional clown, Clown Ekkie. The objective is to make children happy and give them memories they can keep forever. 

“Happy children become confident children. Confident children grow into confident people”.

Sense Property also supports targeted initiatives in a few orphanages such as Mercy House located in Hua Hin - http://www.huahinmedia.com/mercyhouse.php