Portfolio Management for Investors


Sense property managed portfolios

Sense Property Managed Portfolios (SPMP) is a department of Sense Property Group (SPG) that offers to replicate in Bangkok (Thailand) a business model that has already proven successful in several large cities such as Paris, London, New York or Berlin:

  • Acquire a diversified portfolio of resale properties, only in the most liquid (easy-to-rent and easy-to-sell) condominiums located in the most demanded areas of Bangkok (Sukhumvit, Central Lumphini, Sathorn-Silom), where the stock of quality units is by definition limited
  • Redecorate/ refurbish the properties to western standards in order to meet the dynamic demand from expatriates for both rental and investment
  • Let the properties with the objective of reaching higher rental yields than generally offered by the market (net yield targeted > 5% annually)
  • Sell the properties whenever there is an opportunity to lock a significant capital gain (net capital gain targeted > 15% within 3 years)
  • Our investment strategy is also based on the very favorable property tax environment in Thailand where this is no tax on capital gain and property ownership, and where conveyance taxes are generally limited to 3 to 5% or the selling price (last update: 26 January 2016)
  • SPMP will use the experience, knowledge and expertise of SPG from the hunting and selection of the best properties to their rental and resale



SPMP does not provide investment advice to retail clients. If you require advice, you should approach a specialist regulated financial adviser with expertise in investing in the ordinary shares of property companies.

Any reference to an investment opportunity by SPMP is directed towards investors who are sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable to understand the nature of the investments and the risks involved. The investment objectives displayed above may not be achieved, and our forecasts are subject to some assumptions.

The value of the properties managed by SPMP may decrease if the market conditions are unfavorable, and we highly recommend that investors undertake research before any due diligence.

The offer of SPMP is detailed in an Memorandum of Investment and any investment should be made solely on this basis.

This email does not constitute any offer, solicitation or advice to invest. It is mainly aimed at investors residing in Asia and Europe, and excludes anyone in any jurisdiction where such promotion would be illegal.

Investments are made in the local currency THB, hence any investor based outside Thailand should take into account the currency risks between their original investment and their returns.