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Guide to pet friendly condos and apartments in Bangkok

Finding a pet friendly home in Bangkok

Everything you need to know

  • Despite an extensive list of pet-friendly condos existing, it is important to know that each condo is free to apply its own rules: some only accept certain pets (hamsters, rabbits, cats, small dogs below a certain weight…) while other may have quotas for the number of pets that can be accepted in the residence. View the full list of pet-friendly homes here.
  • Living in a pet-friendly condominium does not mean that everyone there loves pets. To guarantee the well-being of all residents, some condos may impose strict policies about areas your pet can access and what you are not allowed to do with your pet.
  • If you are looking to rent or buy a pet-friendly condo unit, you must ensure that the landlord or the juristic office is happy for you to keep a pet inside the premises. Ask your agent to get approval from all parties, before signing the lease or sale agreement.
  • Most landlords or condos will require a refundable security deposit of 2 months, but some apartments (single-owned residence) may ask you to pay an additional pet deposit to cover potential damages that can be caused by your pet in common areas.
  • As parcs in the city are not dog-friendly (except for guide-dogs), condos with dedicated areas for your pet to exercise are highly valued as they are relatively rare. This said many pet-friendly community places have recently opened offering the conveniences of a small garden, pet grooming and shop, even a dog swimming pool to please pet owners.
"From experience, we don’t believe that showing numerous properties help people in their property search. It can have the opposite effect and make them more confused or overwhelmed. Our primary objective is to facilitate their search and invite our clients to only view properties that match their requirements. This unique approach has helped us build successfully long-lasting relationships with our clients."

A few tips

  • Start your search early as it may take time for you to find the right home with your furry friend. There is a limited number of pet-friendly residences and you might find yourself looking at the same properties as other pet owners.
  • Check with your agent if the property you are interested in is available. Other units in the same residence may also be available for you to view. Share with your agent details and pictures of your pet as landlords and juristic offices often ask for it.
  • Hiding your pet from the landlord nor juristic office is not a good idea. If you get caught, they will have the right to request you to leave immediately while withholding your security deposit.
  • Inspect the state of the property carefully (walls, floors, marks, furniture…) before moving-in to avoid any conflict the day you wish to move out. If the landlord retains your deposit for the damages done by your pet, you could request a technician of your choice to come and assess if the cost of repair is justified.
  • Opt for a house if your pets need their own outside space. If you have a large dog or more than one pet, renting a villa or a town house could be a great option so that your furry friends can exercise freely in the garden. While most houses are pet-friendly, there are always some exception as ultimately, it all depends on the landlord.

Featured pet-friendly residences

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Asoke - Phrom Phong
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Thonglor - Ekkamai
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