Sense Property Group is a real estate agency that specializes in finding quality properties for international customers: foreign investors, expatriates, multinational companies, embassies and NGO’s. 


Our Bangkok agency


  • We offer a full-on service from the identification of your needs to the completion of the rent or purchase - after-sales service is not optional with us.
  • International clients require an international team. Our team comprises experts from various nationalities and diverse backgrounds.
  • We believe our activity is about understanding people and businesses through a personalized and straightforward approach, rather than simply dealing properties.
  • A satisfied customer comes back and builds our reputation: we see you as a partner in the development of our company, so we will always put your interests first. 
  • We are a one-stop agency we buy, renovate, manage, rent and sell properties. 


We specialize in quality properties, based on the following criteria:

  • Prime Location
  • Western comfort and lifestyle
  • Top-grade construction by reputed developer
  • Good value for money
  • Strong return on investment (properties for sale) 


  • We understand our clients
  • We have the market knowledge
  • We offer a one-stop service
  • Our agency is the heart of Bangkok where there is a strong demand for quality properties for rent and sale


  • Our local and international clients share common expectations in terms of high-quality and professional service (for both rental and purchase purposes).
  • Our diversified database of properties (house, condo, land, resort, commercial, office, etc.) allows us to propose a suitable approach for each investment objective (high yield, long term, portfolio diversification, etc.)
  • We advise individual investors, institutions and investment funds on their property acquisitions and portfolio management.

  • We provide full renovation services to buyers, sellers and resident owners in order to increase the value of their property on both the rental and the resale markets.
  • We offer a customized service to expatriates in order to find the most appropriate property to rent during their stay in Thailand, based on a proactive process before their arrival.
  • We provide international organizations and companies with a comprehensive range of property services: from the accommodation of their diplomats, officers, executives and employees, to the lease of office and commercial spaces, and to administrative and legal support.

Our founders


Co-founder & Head of Research
Mobile:  +66 (0) 92 404 0993

Before settling down in Bangkok in 2012, Bastien worked for 7 years in financial markets in Europe, mostly selling and managing derivative products indexed on interest rates and currencies, managing debt portfolios and originating debt for the public sector and infrastructure projects. He was also in charge of economic research and publishing reports both for internal purposes and for his clients.
A co-founder of Sense Property, Bastien is involved in sales, market research and business development for the agency.
He is notably in charge of setting up partnerships with international companies and organizations in Thailand for their real estate needs, and promoting property investment by foreigner investors, particularly in the luxury market and the renovation market.


Co-founder of SPG
Mobile:  +66 (0) 92 404 0993

Sasithon Chotipanang (Khun Joy) is one of our co-founders. She is our director in charge of Sales, HR and Admin.
Khun Joy has an extensive knowledge of the property market in Bangkok and Thailand in general. She played a leading role in the closing of multiple transactions involving land purchase, property asset valuation, ownership transfer and property upgrade. Khun Joy and her family have been investing in properties for more than 20 years. She therefore brings a very strong added value to our clients and investors who want to invest on the long term.
Khun Joy also gained considerable knowledge and experience in property renovation and improvement. She took the lead on more than 20 sites over the last 15 months achieving great customer satisfaction.
Before that, Khun Joy was part of the management of Sodexho hospitality service. Her first professional experience was co-managing the VIP desk of Conrad Hotel in Bangkok.


Co-founder of SPG
Mobile:  +66 (0) 92 404 0993

Our co-founder and director Antoine van Innis has been living and working in Thailand for more than 10 years. He has been investing in the Thai property market since 2006.
Before moving to Asia, Antoine graduated in International Management from Boston University. He also completed several internships within the real estate sector in Belgium and Spain.
In 2004, Antoine moved to Thailand and spent approximately seven years working for one of the world's largest energy companies. He was then in charge of developing and heading CO2 sourcing activities in Asia on behalf of ENGIE (ex-GDF SUEZ / Tractebel). Antoine was also involved in various energy and development projects across South East Asia, India and China.
Since 2011, Antoine has dedicated most of his time to the property sector of Thailand. He is currently developing an extensive network of relations for Sense Property's continued growth. As well as advising clients to that want to invest in Thailand, Antoine continues his own property investment and is passionate about interior design, renovation and decoration. Antoine also helps Sense Property develop their relocation service among expatriates and corporate clients.
Our co-founder also guided several SMEs to assess opportunities in the region and contributed to their successful development in Thailand.
Besides his proven experience in Asia, Antoine benefits from a large platform of personnel and business relations in both Europe and other parts of the world.

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