Property search: a service tailored to our clients’ needs



Property search: a service tailored to our clients’ needs

Property search: your way

How we work

  • We offer a selection of high-end and luxury properties handpicked by our specialised agents with meticulous attention to detail. We only select the best properties, built at the highest standards and at the prime locations.
  • Our team of experts is international and speaks several languages: Thai, English, French, Spanish… Having moved across different continents and work in several industries, our founders have lived the ‘relocation experience’ when settling in Thailand. Our services have been designed with their experience in mind to better serve our clientele.
  • Our role goes beyond being a simple intermediary between two parties: we support all our clients from prospective tenants, and landlords, buyers and owners or investors. We negotiate in favour of all parties involved to ensure everyone gets the best possible deal.
  • Our office is located in the heart of Bangkok, in the dynamic Sukhumvit area. Having a local presence helps us to better serve our clients and be first to know about future developments or new opportunities.
"From experience, we don’t believe that showing numerous properties help people in their property search. It can have the opposite effect and make them more confused or overwhelmed. Our primary objective is to facilitate their search and invite our clients to only view properties that match their requirements. This unique approach has helped us build successfully long-lasting relationships with our clients."

How we can help

  • First, we take time to understand your priorities and circumstances, so that we can provide you with the best insights of the local market. Then, we will share a selection of properties and organize viewings at a convenient time.
  • We appreciate that requirements may differ whether you are looking to buy or rent, our team of experts is specially trained to support you in your home search and to help finding the perfect home.
  • We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our landlords to help them find the best buyers and tenants overtime. If you planning to sell or rent, you can list your property with us. We can help if you are undecided or need more information.
  • The property market in Thailand is dynamic: new projects are emerging fast and neighbourhoods are rapidly changing, we help our clients making the best investment opportunities. We have a range of services dedicated to investors: property investment, property management, renovation services and portfolio management.

We are experts

Our knowledge at your service

We know from experience that the process of selling, buying, renting and relocating can be stressful. That is why we have gathered all useful information and created our resourceful guides for you to access essential tips and insights in one place.

Tell us more about your project

We know it is not easy to find the right property and we understand the uniqueness of each request. Whether you are looking to relocate to Thailand, the perfect family home in the capital city or the best investment opportunity, we can help.