Investing in Bangkok

  • Many international organizations including the United Nations and large corporations from various sectors such banking, insurance or digital technologies - have chosen Bangkok to establish their regional offices, creating great jobs opportunities. With an estimated population of 500,000 expats, the rental market remains very dynamic for investors looking to make a solid investment in the property market.
  • The metropolis offers great opportunities for foreign investors and expats to own a unique property. Real estate developers have mastered the art of developing sophisticated apartments and luxury condominiums with exclusive features and modern facilities, to accommodate a cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  • Bangkok has committed to modernize its infrastructure with the development of digital systems and technologies, the highspeed and dual train line, the extension of its airports and the improvement of its water resources management.
  • Despite its rapid expansion, Bangkok offers an affordable cost-of-living and a better quality of life. The city has a wide range of reputable international schools and hospitals, lively local markets, shopping and dining areas designed for locals and expats.
  • The tax regime on rental income is quite low and more advantageous than some western countries (the same for the taxes and fees dues when selling a condo after a few years of ownership). Also there is no tax on capital gain when selling a property
  • Ownafreehold property: Thailand allows foreign investors and expats to buy a condominium unit with a full ownership. Currently, 80% of the condos are owned by Thais who are mostly interested in new projects and buying off-plans.
  • Housing affordability: The sale prices in Bangkok are much cheaper than Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. Prices vary depending on the grade of the condo, when it was built and by which developer and the proximity to public transport.
  • Luxury properties: Real estate developers have mastered the concept and understand how to respond to this high demand by offering modern condos adapted for a modern and urban lifestyle, with a contemporary designer feel and luxurious amenities.
  • The city is constantly evolving and expanding, while new trendy areas are emerging, the desirable prime locations remain a safe choice for investments. Well-built and well-maintained condos will preserve a high value through time.
  • Resale market: The pre-owned market offers many advantages in comparison to off-plan projects: a cheaper price per square meter, a better space optimisation, twice as much space than a new unit for the same budget, more potential after renovations and an opportunity to own a property at a prime location.
  • Luxury homes: The capital city is booming with luxury and super-luxury condos built with modern features, exclusive facilities at prime locations. Investing in a luxury home can be a great opportunity to earn a rental income and solid capital gain thanks to the affordability of the property market in comparison with other Asian cities.
  • New homes: Thai developers know how to appeal to a sophisticated clientele with contemporary and high-end projects with impressive facilities, symbol of a desirable lifestyle. This is a good option as a buy-to-let and ready-to-move in investment.
  • Property to Renovate: Great deal can be made by negotiating the cost of purchase and adding a small budget for the renovations. This can be a good opportunity to renovate a house or refresh a property with your own style and design at a low cost.
  • Pet friendly homes: Only a very few condominiums in the city allow cats and dogs. Acquiring a pet friendly property can be a great opportunity for investors to let the property faster, as there are less properties available on the market with such criteria.

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