Living in Bangkok Guide - Bangkok a Safe Place for Expats



Bangkok a safe place for expats


How safe is Bangkok? Can children safely take public transport alone?

Can women dress the way they want without "shocking" the local population?

Is it OK for ladies to take a taxi home alone late at night?

These are among the many questions asked by expats to our property agents

Don't you worry! Despite its long-lasting reputation of city of entertainment, Bangkok is acually one of the safest places in Asia if not the world.

Of course, you may find some localized areas a bit dodgy at night (namely Patpong in Silom and Sukhumvit 4), but it's very unlikely you ever feel in danger or find yourself surrounded by aggressive people anywhere you go in the center of Bangkok or its suburbs.

Thailand is a moderate and tolerant country, notably because its main religion - 90% of the population is Buddist - lacks the divisive nature of some of the Western religions, and Thai Buddist generally believe strongly in "Karma" (sum of person's actions in this, and previous, state of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.)

You will also quickly get acquainted with the famous expression "Sabai Sabai", which can be translated as "relax and be happy" or "everything's chilled".

Public transportation is very safe for everyone, whatever the time and wherever you go. There are extremely few records of physical aggressions on the BTS or MRT.

One major concern for many women throughout the world is the lack of safety felt when they go out at night or simply walk alone in the street. In this regards, it is to be said that local men usually look little concerned with foreign girls wandering in the street late at night, whatever they may wear. However, Bangkok is a place where expat women generally feel very safe.

That being said, like every large world cty, women shouldn't ignore the simplest precautionary principles:

  • Avoid taking a classic Bangkok cab alone at night (take an Uber!), and if you take a cab from the airport, make sure to take the registered ones, even if it costs you 50 bath more
  • Beware bag-snatchers at night