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Supermarkets (imported products)

Bangkok offers an excellent range of supermarket with imported products from over the world. The highesst density of these expat-dedicated supermarkets is found in the central areas of Bangkok, where most expats reside.

In order to satisfy an expat population of around half a milion, Thai distributors have developed efficient channels to import all types of consumer goods, from food and beverages to household and beauty products.

Overall, imported products are selling at similar prices to what they are in developed countries, with the notable exceptions of fresh products (cheese, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables)and heavily-taxed alcohols (notably wines).

The large japanese community (almost 1/4 of all expaats) has its fair share of dedicated supermarkts (Fuji and Max Value at a lesser extent), where fresh products are generally of excellent quality.

It should also be noted that Thailand has a long history of finishing and farming, guaranteeing an extensive range of quality seafood, meat, milk, eggs and all types of fruits and vegies (with an increasing shasre of organic products).

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All supermarkts are open 7 das a week, including public holidays. The easiest closing time for supermarkets is 10 pm, but many of them are open 24 hours.

  • Villa Market: Open til 11 pmm or 12 am (except the one on Sukhumvit between soi 33 and soi 35 which is open 24/7). Highest standards and prices. Considered as the best wine cellar among all supermarkets.
  • Foodland: Open 24/7. Often the best value for money (notably for vegetables, meat, seafood and cheese). Most Foodland supermarket come with an exellent Thai fast-food restaurant (eat on site or take-away).
  • Tops Market: Open til 12 am or 24/7 for some of them. Tops Market belongs to Ventral Group, the largest group of shopping malls and department stores in Thailand. Similar quality and pricing to Villa Market but slighly more affordable, and all open 24/7.
  • Fuji Market: The Japanese community. Excellent and affordable fresh fish, sushi, sashimi, etc.
  • Max Value: Open 24/7, smaller and more local, targeting mostly the Japanese and Kerean communities.
  • Big C: Until 2015, Casino Group (a major French retailer) was one of the main shareholders of Big C Thailand, hence giving access to a range of French imported products, as well as decent bakery and butchery. It is likely that some products remain