The number and average quality of international schools is one of Bangok's trademarks, and one of the reasos why it is so "expat friendly". At Sense Property, we help you compare the best international schools, depending on the age of your child, your budget, and the type of curriculum you want him/her to follow.

International School Curriculum Location Level Language Tuiton / year (THB)* Website
- Anglo Singapore International School Bangkok Grade 1-6 90k - 393k Click here
- ASB The American School of Bangkok Bangkok preK-12 128k - 258k Click here
- Ascot International School Bangkok preK-13 231k - 435k Click here
- AISB Australian International School Bangkok Bangkok preK - Year 2 N/A Click here
- BCIS Bangkok Christian International School Bangkok preK-12 150k-200k Click here
- Bangkok Grace International School Bangkok preK-6 150k-180k Click here
- Bangkok Patana School Bangkok preK-13 332k - 680k Click here
- Bangkok Preparatory and Secondary School Bangkok preK-12 255k - 420k Click here
- Berkeley International School Bangkok preK-12 320k - 400k Click here
- BIST Bromsgrove International School Thailand Bangkok preK-13 60k - 480k Click here
- British Early Years Centre Bangkok preK-K 40k - 48k Click here
- Centre ACACIA Nursery Bangkok preK aged 1-4 N/A Click here
- Charter International School Bangkok preK-9 270k-465k Click here
- CIS Concordian International School Samut Prakarn preK-12 330k - 488k Click here
- RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok Bangkok (Minburi) preK-12 N/A Click here
- Ekamai International School Bangkok K-12 130 k - 136k Click here
- English Adventist International School Bangkok K-12 N / A Click here
- Garden International School Bangkok preK-11 156k - 332k Click here
- GIS Global International School Pathum Thani preK-10 150k - 195k Click here
- Harrow International School Bangkok preK-13 341k - 641k Click here
- ICS International Community School Bangkok K-12 198k - 363k Click here
- IPC International Kindergarten Bangkok preK-K2 120k-140k Click here
- IPS International Pioneers School Bangkok K-11 130k-180k Click here
- IPS International Pioneers School Nonthaburi preK-12 388k - 730k Click here
- JWM John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok preK-K N/A Click here
- Keerapat International School Bangkok preK-12 199k - 308k Click here
- Kevalee International School Bangkok Grade 1-8 110k-140k Click here
- KIDO Bangkok 3 months to 6 y. N/A Click here
- Kids' Academy Bangkok preK-K3 N/A Click here
- Kids' Kingdom Bangkok Bangkok preK-6 62k-120k Click here
- KIS International School Bangkok preK-12 307k - 622k Click here
- KISB Korea International School of Bangkok Bangkok Grade 1-12 N/A Click here
- Le Lycée Français International de Bangkok Bangkok K-12 237k - 325k Click here
- Magic Years International Kindergarten Bangkok preK-K 218k - 334k Click here
- Modern International School Bangkok K-12 128k - 171k Click here
- Modern Montessori International Pre-School Bangkok preK-K 132k - 186k Click here
- Mulberry House International Pre-School Bangkok preK-K 190k-270k Click here
- NIST New International School of Thailand Bangkok K-13 422k - 768k Click here
- NSIS New Sathorn International School Bangkok preK-13 N/A Click here
- PAIS Pan-Asia International School Bangkok preK-12 105k - 200k Click here
- Prep International Montessori Kindergarten Bangkok preK-K 150k-210k Click here
- RAIS Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School Bangkok preK-12 120k - 125k Click here
- Rasami International School Bangkok preK-13 144k - 273k Click here
- RC International School Bangkok preK-8 114k - 180k Click here
- RIST Redeemer International School Thailand Minburi Grade 1-12 479k - 575k Click here
- RMA Rose Mary Academy Nonthaburi preK-12 70k-360k Click here
- RIS Ruam Rudee International School Minburi preK-12 358k - 497k Click here
- Saint John's International School Bangkok preK-12 217k-325k Click here
- Shrewsbury International School Bangkok preK-13 406k - 726k Click here
- Singapore International School of Bangkok Bangkok preK-12 N/A Click here
- St. Andrews International School Bangkok Bangkok preK-13 280k-500k Click here
- St. Andrews International School Sathorn Bangkok preK-6 280k-500k Click here
- St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 107 Bangkok preK-13 280k-500k Click here
- St. George's International School Bangkok preK-6 120k - 184k Click here
- St. Mark's International School and Nursery Bangkok preK-6 168k - 228k Click here
- St. Stephen's International School Bangkok preK-13 210k - 425k Click here
- TCIS Thai-Chinese International School Samut Prakarn preK-12 215k - 287k Click here
- The Regent's School Bangkok Bangkok preK-13 234k - 501k Click here
- TJAS Thai-Japanese Association School Bangkok and Sriracha Grade 1-9 N/A Click here
- The First Steps International Pre-School Bangkok preK-K3 100k-300k Click here
- Topsy Turvy International British School of Bangkok Bangkok preK-6 100k-200k Click here
- Traill International School Bangkok preK-12 90k-260k Click here
- TRIS Trinity International School Bangkok K-12 78k-260k Click here
- TSIS Thai Singaporian International School Bangkok K-12 78k-260k Click here
- Wells International School Bangkok preK-12 175k - 309k Click here
- Brighton College Bangkok Bangkok PreK to 13 536k to 850k Click here

'* Minimum and Maximum tuition fees per year and per child. Tuition fees increase with the grade (highest in grade 12 or 13)

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